West Hollywood Design District Boom Underway

West Hollywood (WeHo to those who love it and live it) has always had character. From colorful people enjoying a stroll to long standing businesses and hotspots that defined a community, this part of town was never one to play the wallflower or be anything generic. This year, as West Hollywood turns the big 3-0 (gasp!), the place many refer … Read More>

Date: 06.30.2015

Office V2.0

Date: 06.08.2015

Meet Our Tenants

We can’t help but brag, just a tad. We at HQ Creative Office knew that our tenants were awe-some from the beginning, but we are truly impressed by their achievements so far. Their path to continued success is a wide open door if they continue to apply their arsenal of skills and spark of inspiration. Our creative office properties were … Read More>

Date: 05.08.2015

HQ Creative Office to Convert Hollywood Church

They will walk in, shepherded under a beautifully arched cloister, bathed in a diffuse, purifying light. The partitioned windows will protect their private thoughts from the mad rush of the world outside, feeding a sense of unified purpose among those who have congregated there. For so many of them, their efforts here will be an integral part of life; some … Read More>

Date: 04.21.2015

HQ Leads The Pack for Creative Office Space in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a leader in creative office space nationally, and HQ Creative Office is proud to play a role in making Los Angeles one of the best cities in the United States. With 11 properties spanning some 120,000+ square feet of commercial space, HQ Creative Office offers tenants a variety of inspiring spaces to run their businesses. Creative professionals … Read More>

Date: 03.04.2015
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