[The Campus At Jefferson]
9950 Jefferson Blvd
Culver City CA 90232

The Campus at Jefferson is a high-end creative office campus comprised of three separate buildings in Culver City’s business district. The building sizes are 3,100 square feet, 6,700 square feet and 11,000 square feet, respectively. The Campus was renovated to form an urban collection, in which each building embodies its own unique elements, but is integral to the others to create a true campus feel.

On the inside, The Campus at Jefferson exudes a youthful, unbounded energy. Various elements in the middle and largest buildings- long corridors, polished concrete floors, built-in library shelving with sliding ladders, and even chalkboard walls- are a nod to a study hall for the modern age. Meeting rooms are partitioned with expansive glass walls so as not to stifle innovation. The reception is flowing semi-circle/circle framed by the wooden ceiling above. High-end finishes in the kitchen and throughout the entire office space elevate the meaning of “a day at work”.

The 3,100 square foot building first reads like an unbroken gallery space. Yet, cozy cells of glass accommodate ad hoc meetings along one edge, while recessed break areas with exposed cinder block on the opposite side provide a place to “re-center” on a hectic day. Upstairs in the conference room, glass windows, steel beams, and bamboo floors meet to create a floating effect along the edges. A quick glance outside from the upper floor shows the trees of nearby Culver City Park.

Outside, there is the same richness, with some added gravitas and edge. The street-facing wall of the largest building is enveloped in brown steel grating over light gray concrete. To its side is a 15-foot water feature at the entrance of the textured stone wall of the smallest structure, which projects a weighty presence, despite its comparative size. Along the back of the property sits the medium structure, framed thickly in gleaming white, whose recessed walls and windows erase any excess heaviness. The outdoor patios have all built-in BBQs.

The Campus at Jefferson is both a highly practical set of creative working spaces and an achievement of re-purposed beauty.

[property info]
  • Address: 9950 Jefferson Blvd Culver City CA 90232
  • SQFT: 20,696
  • Parking: 58
  • Internet Connection: Fiber
  • Kitchen: 3
  • A/C: Yes
  • Power: 1600 AMPS
  • TurnKey: Yes
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