[Seward House]
729 Seward St
Hollywood CA 90038

The Seward House has a heritage that few other buildings can claim. It was constructed during the Golden Age of Hollywood and has been home to a wide variety of the most innovative production and entertainment groups. The Seward House features a chic art deco design with a brick exterior. It is located on one of the most famous streets in Hollywood, conveniently within the CA State Enterprise Zone and the Hollywood Media District. Its steel wrapping adds a modern flair to an “Old Hollywood” beauty.

The building is split into three levels, with the main level measuring over 10,000 square feet, and is a celebration of expansive space put to good use. Reached through a keyless access system, there is the open reception area with the built-in desk, private offices enclosed in glass, and the large conference room and two break-out rooms on the window line. Bathed in natural light, several large open areas are perfect for shared workspace. A roomy kitchen with custom cabinets opens to a large lounge area with two retracting projection screens built-in. The inviting patio area includes a water fountain, BBQ grill, and refined greenery.

To get to the floor below, there is a choice of two sets of stairs or a quick and whimsical trip down a tubular slide. Once below, there is more open space that serves as a production area, measuring just over 2,500 square feet. Semi-glossy concrete, a view of the wooden baseboard flooring above, and exposed HVAC ducting are various design features that give the bottom floor a truly creative feel. The thick pillars and walls of exposed brick create a bunker-like ambiance, which is balanced perfectly by the abundance of white paint and sheer scale of the space.

The top level serves as the executive office space, and gives the feeling of entering a private loft. Befitting the true ideal of soaring creativity, it features high ceilings and seven well-appointed window offices. The dark wood floor anchors the room; while textured wallpaper and the lighter wood of the custom built administrative assistant areas are lit by the diffused light throughout. The rectangular marble fire place serves as a final touch to complete the “Old Hollywood” feel.


[property info]
  • Address: 729 Seward St Hollywood CA 90038
  • SQFT: 15,450
  • Parking: 32
  • Internet Connection: Fiber
  • Kitchen: 3
  • A/C: Yes
  • Power: 800 AMPS
  • TurnKey: Yes
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