The Creative Space Balance

Everyone wants the office they work in to be a creative space, but what does that really mean and what is the best way to make it work. Harvard Business Journal has done the research and come up with some pretty interesting conclusions about creative space. So check out their article Read more here 

Date: 09.15.2014

Does Creative Office Work?

I’m sure everyone has been hearing about Creative Office lately as it has become one of the real buzz words in office space today. Fortune 500 companies are spending large sums of money to make sure their offices are creative, building large co-working space and open flowing areas for their employee’s. Check out this article from the Harvard Business Journal … Read More>

Date: 09.15.2014

HQ Group are proud to announce their newest venture, HQ Creative Office.

A new venture from HQ Group, called HQ Creative Office, will oversee the management, development, and acquisitions of the HQ Group’s creative office portfolio. In the past two years, the HQ Group has become a leader in the creative office arena, acquiring and developing ten buildings and nearly 120,000 square feet of high-end Los Angeles creative office space. Currently, they … Read More>

Date: 08.18.2014


Anyone whose worked in a cubicle knows how isolating that experience is. At HQ Creative Office we aim to build offices and work spaces that isolate no one, and create an environment of free flowing ideas that allow work to get done quick and efficiently. So check out this Article in Entrepreneur Magazine to read all about this new trend … Read More>

Date: 07.23.2014

Culver City – The Future of Creative office space for tech startups and production companies

Culver City is currently going through a revitalization and we at HQ our proud to be a part of it. Scopley and HSI Productions are two of many of the new tech and production companies moving into Culver City, and we are happy they chose our buildings to call there home.   So Check us out on the Yahoo Business … Read More>

Date: 07.10.2014
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