HQ Creative Office to Convert Hollywood Church

Date: 04.21.2015

They will walk in, shepherded under a beautifully arched cloister, bathed in a diffuse, purifying light. The partitioned windows will protect their private thoughts from the mad rush of the world outside, feeding a sense of unified purpose among those who have congregated there. For so many of them, their efforts here will be an integral part of life; some approach it with ritualistic reverence, others, with spirited abandon. You are not far off the mark for taking this to be a scene of devoted churchgoers, attending to the holy needs of their souls, forging a community that will extend itself to the larger society. But no, they will not come here to worship. Yet, this group will doing something that God himself would surely smile upon: they will be creating, working, prospering. Fittingly enough, all of this will be taking place in what used to be a church. It’s not as odd as it sounds; rather ingenious, actually. Churches today are lending themselves to a whole array of nonreligious uses. Many of you who have traveled throughout Europe may have eaten at a restaurant that used to host Mass, or shopped at a bookstore where bibles used to reign supreme. There are a number of unused churches in the U.S. and abroad that were given new life and now serve as breweries, skateparks, banks, nightclubs, libraries, condominiums, and enviable private homes. HQ is continuing to bring its unique awareness of creative office needs with its first ever church conversion in Hollywood. There are so many convincing reasons to embed modern functions and sensibilities to unused churches. Location, economic benefit, history, and community are all major factors in our excitement for this initial church conversion that we are undertaking. Los Angeles, like the rest of the country, has become increasingly less religious with each generation. Many churches are struggling to find a flock, while media, tech, and entertainment industries are having a major revival. In certain cases, the local landscape has become more developed and diverse, and churches are some of the last economically underused hubs in prime locations of the city. Another aspect that makes churches so amenable to a great conversion is that most retain their soundly built architecture and unique materials – such as striking glass windows and marble columns. Church structures are often beloved, recognizable forms dotting the urban landscape. As a result, they exude presence, history, and continuity. HQ will be channeling this wonderful past and enhancing it to glorious heights in order to create an unmatched work space for creative office needs. The high ceilings, saturation of natural light, and the flowing line and apex of surrounding arches make for an inspired forum for creativity of all types. Modern and practical partitions for meeting and sitting will allow the creative’s muse to stay on point. Step outside, and you’re in the thick of the vibrant and unexpected Hollywood scene. How many people would dream of pursuing their creative passion in this enchanted space? HQ will be making this a reality in the coming months, devoting ourselves to enriching the community once again through this alluring church conversion and adding a completely unique property to our growing portfolio.

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