HQ Creative Office and Robert Herscu Proud to Receive the American Institute of Architects 2015 Design Award

Date: 02.09.2016

The newest and brightest in high-end real estate in sunny Southern California, HQ Creative Office and founder, Robert Herscu, are the recent recipients of a prestigious award, celebrating the innovative construction and design of a Culver City property. The coveted Honor Award was granted by the 40th annual Central PA AIA Awards Program which seeks to recognize significant works of architecture that excite, inspire, and promote economic growth.

The celebrated property is an “architectural Cinderella,” as one jury member noted. Repurposing an industrial eyesore into a multi-layered, lofty office space, architects sought to sustain the original structure; what was a once clumsy and awkward space was transformed into what an acute jury member described as “a very personal, fun, and exquisitely detailed work of adaptation.”

As the aim of HQ Creative Office is to “create fluid, collaborative environments for creative enterprises with transformative, cutting edge design,” this award is an apt recognition of the work they’ve been doing in Southern California since 2011. With a commitment to adaptive development through holistic means of property and material sourcing as well as in the construction and design processes, HQ Creative Office looks to be the innovator of state-of-the-art real estate and, as this Honor Award shows, is well on its way.
9300 Award

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